Price list for Services


Regular Pricing


Hour Private Lesson (single) – $55

Hour Private Lesson Package 4 (four lessons) – $200

Hour Private Lesson Package 12 (twelve lessons) – $550

Semi-private/Group Lesson – $45

Semi-private/Group Lesson Package 12 – $480

Semi-Private / Group lesson is 2 – 4 people in an hour lesson; price shown is per person.

COUPLES RIDE LESSON: for two related parties from same family or single payment source, as on a date

Couples Ride Lesson (1 hour) – $80

Couples Ride Lesson Package of 4 – $290

Couples Ride Lesson Package of 12 – $800

Couple plus One Mini – $100

FAMILY GROUP RIDE LESSON: for 3-4 related parties from same family or single payment source, as with an extended family group

Family Group Ride for 3 (1 hour) – $105

Family Group Ride for 4 (1 hour) – $140


Mini-Lesson (single) – $25

*$30 for Siblings (max. 2) to share a mini-lesson – please see note below

Mini-Lesson Package (10 rides) – $200

*Siblings may share a 30 min. reservation for only $5.00 additional fee (each child will have a minimum 10 min. individual ride on the pony and they will have a some time together with the pony before or after their riding time). If you would like them to each have a full, individual mini-lesson, please schedule a lesson for each child.


Summer Camp Deposit – $75

Summer Horsemanship Camp Balance – $300

Summer Young Riders Camp Balance – $100

Summer Trailblazing Camp Deposit – $75

Summer Trailblazing Camp Balance – $295


Fall Break Adventure Camp Daily Rate – $65

Fall Break Adventure Camp Weekly rate – $275 for all five days

Fall Break GET UP Trailblazing Camp Daily Rate – $155



Trail Rides may be added to a Lesson Package for $60/student (regular rate for one 1 1/2 trail ride is $75). These will be 1 1/2 hour guided lessons on the trails that runs through the beautiful wetlands preserve, fields and woods that adjoin the farm. Please contact us first for details regarding the rider’s experience and the trails, before adding this trail ride to your lesson package.

Trail Ride with Lesson Package – $60